TrueLabor Features

TrueLabor® guides, educates, and intuitively tracks your journey from pre-conception to pregnancy through the postpartum period and the 4th trimester. By analyzing your risk factors and understanding your healthcare needs, TrueLabor® is able to recommend the best personalized roadmap to a healthier lifestyle for you and your baby.

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Pregnancy Mode

With an intuitive and elegant dashboard, TrueLabor interacts with you through all aspects of your pregnancy — including conception, delivery, and postpartum period — while keeping you informed about your body’s changes and your baby’s day-to-day development.


Fertility, Ovulation, & Cycle Mode

Trying to become pregnant? This mode of the app tracks your menstrual cycle, peak fertile period, ovulation, and much more to guide you through preconception health and increase your chances of becoming a mother.


Obstetrics Algorithms from Medical Providers

Every pregnancy is unique. That’s why TrueLabor understands YOUR pregnancy and delivers personalized advice and strategies, all of which are carefully designed by the real experts in the medical industry.


Fiona — Your Virtual Health Navigator (AI)

Have a pregnancy worry or a question? Just type it. Fiona can check hundreds of symptoms and address your pregnancy concerns on-demand. Whether it’s taking a quiz, adding a critical to-do or event, running timed notifications, calling your provider, getting directions to the hospital, or retrieving your health summary, Fiona has hundreds of capabilities and useful shortcuts.


TrueTip Articles

The app has a powerhouse of articles — known as TrueTips — written by medical professionals that include videos, interactive media, polls, and much more. Browse the categories, search for a specific topic, find out what’s popular, or even bookmark articles that you want to read later.


In-app Tools


Based on your unique timeline, TrueLabor automatically shows you key events such as routine visits, gestational weeks, and milestones about your baby. You can also add custom events.


Add your own to-dos as well as view TrueLabor’s recommended to-dos which are added in real-time based on your day-to-day interaction.

Baby Kick-Counter

Record the daily movements or kicks of your baby and TrueLabor will monitor your baby’s patterns to make sure everything is normal.

Contraction Tracker

More than simply monitoring your contractions, this complex algorithm helps you determine if you’re having “true labor” and whether it’s the “right time” for the “right call” to head to the hospital.

Bump Pics

Take pictures or upload them from your library to showcase and track the progress of your baby bump. Feel free to share any bump with your family and friends.


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Android (coming soon)